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I am more a journalist than a photographer - I see more in words, than in images, so if you believe my photos are shit, feel free to express yourself limited by only your level of culture. I am Russian, I have a blog about photography,

I have little experience and opportunities of making money with my camera. Photography for me is a way to explore the world, not source of income. I always have other ways of earning money to afford free photography - it has, though, the other aspect: I dont pay my models, the only way I pay for the footage is with photos made by me.

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I am just learning, I always try to translate my vision in pictures, though I am often unlucky. However, sometimes I reach what I tried to catch, which makes me a bit proud for myself - unfortunately, this is a rare thing.

I dont lose a sense of reality - my photos are just above the average, there is really nothing genius about them, there are plenty of those on the net. But these are MY photos, anyway, and I want to share them with you. Thank you for paying a bit of attention to them.